The roots of market research run deep at Holmes & Co. 

Since the beginning we have used research in many forms for hospital and health-care clients from coast to coast.

Quantitative research—surveys, opinion polls, market share reports, competitive comparisons, and the like—is recommended. So are qualitative means—things like focus groups, interviews, account planning exercises—because knowing the facts isn’t always enough. It is just as important to know what lies beneath, to understand what is responsible for those facts and why.

However, research can be as harmful as it is helpful. Misreading or misinterpreting information can send a campaign down the wrong path. Our long experience with consumer research across the country provides valuable insight in evaluating such data.

Then, we utilize all the knowledge gleaned from all the research we can accumulate from both primary and secondary sources to inform our strategic, creative, and media planning processes. Finally, after all is said and done, we like to repeat as much of the research as possible to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign.