Effective, persuasive advertising is based on carefully blending and balancing what you say and how you say it. 

Holmes & Co. bases every campaign for every client on a well-defined strategy, developed in conjunction with the client and approved by all decision makers. Ranging from thick, dense, fact-filled plans to short and simple documents a few pages long, each strategy contains the best answers available to three simple questions:

Who are we talking to?
What do we expect them to believe?
Why should they believe it?

While the questions are simple, arriving at answers is not always easy. But, hand-in-hand with our clients we utilize market research, operational realities, management knowledge, competitive considerations, and experience to reach agreement.

Once we have defined our target audience, determined our proposition, and decided on convincing arguments in its favor, the stage is set for an effective strategy that leads to effective creativity that leads to effective marketing campaigns.

Of course our deep and wide experience developing effective marketing communications strategies offers insight that is difficult to match.