How to waste money on advertising.

 May 17, 2018

Marketing basics boiled down to memes.

If you don’t spend enough money to be noticed, the money you do spend buys little to nothing.

Think about it. Your prospects are bombarded with thousands of sales pitches every day. It’s practically impossible, no matter where you are, to not run into advertising of some sort. Billboards, posters, radio, video, television, newspaper and magazine ads. Pop-up, banner, and search ads, games, e-mail solicitations, “social media” money-making propositions, and on and on.

Most of these advertising messages are ignored. A few attract notice. Fewer still engage interest. And fewer still are remembered.

Unless your message is out there often enough, and is good enough, you don’t stand a chance. It takes a certain amount of money to have any opportunity to be heard in all the din.

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