How to prosper with bad advertising.

 June 21, 2016

Back to the basics: Health Care Marketing Revisited

How to prosper with bad advertising

Folks in the ad business often carry on about creativity and quality. To hear us talk, you’d think things like that were requirements for a successful marketing communications campaign. The truth is—and we have to hold our noses to say so—your advertising materials can be absolute dreck and still work.

All it takes is money.

Lots of it.

Put enough money behind just about any message and, sooner or later, it will get through. With enough money, enough people will see it often enough that, eventually, it will make its mark in the audience’s mind. It doesn’t matter what media you use—from traditional to social to whatever’s next—absolutely awful messages can sell products and services and ideas.

Trouble is, not many companies have the resources to prop up crappy advertising with big budgets.

And that’s where creativity and quality come in. With a sound strategy, a creative concept, and exceptional execution a message will resonate with prospects sooner. Rather than requiring ten or twenty or 163 exposures to sink in, it will arouse interest, engage the audience, and find brain space more effectively and with fewer exposures.

You can take that to the bank. They might as well be happy about it.

How much does an advertising campaign cost?


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