How to spend money to make money

 July 27, 2016

Back to the basics: Health Care Marketing Revisited

How to spend money to make money.

Advertising is expensive. Even the kind—such as social media—that’s supposed to be mostly free.

But no matter where you put your marketing communications money, spending some of it—perhaps more than you are—on the creativity and quality of your messages will pay off.

In today’s world, where movies and entertainment and games and every other kind of message, including advertisements, are available at the touch of a button or two, people won’t sit still for anything that’s not interesting, involving, engaging, entertaining, appealing, or otherwise worth their time. (Unless, of course, your messages are so omnipresent they’re all but impossible to avoid.)

With a little creativity and an investment in quality production, you can compete for attention and share of mind.

It takes things like original ideas, well-crafted copy, inventive art direction, imaginative graphic design, inspired photography and cinematography, ingenious editing, masterful music, and the like.

Those tools to achieve quality are readily available—for a price. But the price needn’t be high, if coupled with the aforementioned creativity when it comes to concepts and ideas. And keep in mind that if you skimp on quality, your message may well disappear in the morass. And that’s a whole lot more expensive.

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