When fresh can be rotten

 July 11, 2018

Marketing basics boiled down to memes.

Many of us are with an ad campaign before it’s even an idea. We watch it grow from a communication strategy into a creative concept, into copy and art direction, and into layout and visuals.

But by the time it runs for a month, we’re already tired of it. Or, we’re not seeing the response we hoped for. So we figure it’s time for a fresh campaign. The problem is, our prospects have just barely been given time to start noticing our ads.

For decades, conventional wisdom had it that a prospect must be exposed to an ad seven times before it has any discernible effect. In our ever-more crowded and congested world today, that number is likely much higher.

Let it ride. Seven is just the beginning. A start. Not allowing an ad campaign the chance to live up to its potential is a rotten idea.

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